can I ask a question about drugs?

not a really thoughtful question, either, I just want to know about improving the palatability of “special” mushrooms, but I’m concerned that it’s not appropriate.

If it is appropriate, I will start the thread in the suggested forum, and petition for answers there. Just don’t want to step on any toes?

Discussion of or promoting the use of illegal substances is not allowed on these boards, despite the “Dope” name. Basically any thread which involved breaking the law will be closed. Of course, I’m not a moderator, so don’t quote me as gospel.

That said, welcome to the boards! Look around, settle in, and have a good time!

Had a feeling that was the case. That’s cool, it was for a friend of course, and 'nuff said.

You can post questions about the legality or pharmacology of various drugs. However, palatability is something that would only come up if you actually planned to use the stuff, and that would be illegal because the active ingredients are controlled substances. Discussing how to do illegal things isn’t allowed here. I think I’ll close this thread before somebody gets the idea to post something they shouldn’t ought to.

moderator GQ