Can I become dependent on Claritin?

Basically, from using it every day, will my allergies never go away? People tell me that allergies go away after a few years, and I’m worried that taking the Claritin every day will mean I’ll have to take it every day forever, because my body will become dependent on it and never learn to deal with whatever is causing the allergic reactions (sneezing and runny nose).

Is there a better way to deal with allergies than medication? I was thinking of getting rid of the carpets and buying an air purifier thing for when I sleep at night (my allergies are the worst when I wake up in the morning).

By the way, I’m not taking more than the given dose (1 per day).

Claritin ameliorates symptoms of allergies, it does not cure allergies, not does it block allergens. A specific allergy will probably stay with you. The best way it to pinpoint the allergen(s) and eliminate it from your life.