Can I block a number on my cellphone?

I’ve been getting constant (every 10 minutes) call from a collection agency on my cell phone. Thing is, they don’t want me, they want someone with a similar name, but it’s not me. And they keep calling even after I told them it’s not me they want!

Does anyone know of a way to block their calls (and maybe a place to complain)? This is extremely annoying!

With my phone, it’s not possible, but what was possible was this:

Create a ringtone that was just a couple seconds of silence.
Add that phone number as a contact and give it the silent ring.

They still call, but I don’t hear them.

Simple, yet brilliant!!

You can contact a consumer lawyer and sue under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. $1,500 per phone call.
If they’re seriously calling every 10 minutes, you may really want to consider that; that’s incredibly egregious.

Start answering the phone and leaving it answered on your desk or in a draw, this should serve to annoy the person calling.

Unless his cell phone has an unlimited use plan, that could get expensive real quick.

I’ve used the silent ring trick. Most phones have a ringtone entitled “No Ring” or something like it.

They’ll leave a message, but quickly tire of it.

I’ve done what Ice Cream Conquest describes several times with annoying callers. Late last year, an elderly woman somehow convinced herself that my number (which I’ve had for several years now) belonged to her daughter, Lisa. She would call no less than twice a day. This went on for about a week before I got tired of telling her she had to wrong number (“Hi, Emma. You’ve got the wrong number again.”), so I added her in my phone as “Do Not Answer” and assigned her a silent ringer. She gave up a few months later.

You can also call your provider and ask them to block a number for you. I’ve only done this once, for more personal reasons (read as: stalker calling about 10 times an hour), but it worked like a charm.

In Europe, if you make a phone call you can choose whether the person you’re calling can see your number or not. Is this the same in the US? If the nuisance caller chooses to keep his number private, you won’t be able to use a silent ringtone for his specific number.

If that is the case, you’ll just have to go through the phone company.

That must be carrier dependent as I know Verizon won’t do it. My wife was getting some real strage calls for about a year and all Verizon offered to do was change her number.

That’s odd. A friend on Verizon has done this before; I’ll ask him what hoops he had to jump through.