Can I bring chicken/turkey deli meat into Montana from Canada

The Victoria Day long weekend is coming up and to celebrate Mr. Wonderland, Kid Wonderland, Granny Wonderland and I are packing up our camper and heading to Montana near Essex (Glacier National Park).

My google-fu is failing and I can’t figure out what meat, if any, we can take across the boarder.

I know beef and pork are right out (well, tinned pork might be OK, but…no.) We won’t have any game or exotic meats

Fish seems to be ok.

Can we bring smoked turkey slices or deli chicken or something? I can’t seem to find a clear answer (possibly none exists).

Also, I know peppers grown in Canada are not allowed (we had ours seized when visiting Alaska last year) but other fruits and veg are OK - does that seem generally true, or did we just bump into a boarder patrol fellow with a hankering for stop-lights?

Finally, is there a reasonable grocery store in St. Mary or Babb? Both are on the way, and would make the questions above moot if we could just stock up on the way to our campground, but they both look pretty teeny on the map. We haven’t confirmed our route, but could likely adjust to hit a decent grocery store.


I have crossed at that border crossing and as I recall that they are only interested in fresh fruits and vegetables. Any prepared or prepackaged food is good to go. I think we had some bananas and we were sent through after the guard glanced at the bananas. They are worried about pests being transported, not a problem with cooked meats.

Humm, this site seems to suggest your answer isn’t correct, but it also says poultry and pork are OK.

However, it’s also from last year so I guess it may no longer be accurate. Yeesh.

I think that your answers are here, but it’s a complicated site so not easy to sort out meaningful quotes.

Babb has a store “good selection, a little expensive, but its GNP, so who cares?!”

Missed the edit: St Mary looks a better bet:

What does GNP mean? Glacier National Park?