Can I buy suspension 'stuff'

I have/had a sinus infection. I got antibiotics and for the life of me couldn’t swallow them. I think it had more to do with the fact that they weren’t coated with anything more then the size, though the size was a factor. Anyways, I called the prescribing doctor back, and she called in a liquid form. From what I can tell, the pharmacist simply crushed the pills and put them into a liquid, did the math and gave me the new dosage and all was well. Since that makes it way the hell easier for me to take pills I was wondering if I can just buy a big bottle of the stuff they used to make the suspension. Sure I could use water, but that would taste awful. With the stuff walgreens gave me I could hardly taste the meds at all. It would certainly make my life easier if I could take my pills, crush them, mix them up real well with the liquid and just drink that. So, is that something I can buy at the pharmacy or online somewhere?

I remember the first time I took antibitotics - it was like a little something died in me that day.

I’m not sure what liquid was used, and IANAD but two years ago when I was being fed through a tube in my stomach I would crush up my antibiotics and put them into the feeding liquid. So it is my belief that you could simply crush them and put them into any liquid.

I would ask the pharmacist.

Maybe the pharmacist made up a paediatric dose? It comes in power form in the bottle and the pharmacist just adds water.

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Well I asked, turns out the antibiotic I got actaully does come in a liquid form. But she told me that when they do make compound liquids they use a simple syrup, and since I just happen to have a bottle of simple syrup I’ll give that a try next time I need to.

Be sure to ask your pharmacist every time you get a new prescription whether it’s okay to crush the pills and mix them with syrup. There are some pills/capsules that shouldn’t be broken or crushed before you take them, and it’s best to be sure before you do it.

If you don’t have syrup handy or if it’s not to your taste and your pills can be taken in a crushed form, you can mix them with applesauce. It seems to mask the flavor pretty well, and the texture helps disguise any pill bits.