Can I change my user name?

Umm… that’s the whole question.


Yes, you can. You’re generally allowed one username change. Email TubaDiva (her email address is in her profile)

Zev Steinhardt

Actually, we’ve lightened up some and will contemplate a second change under suitable circumstances.

We just don’t want people changing names like this season’s hats; find a name and stick with it.

Please send me an a email with several candidates for names ranked in the order you like them. We have over 50,000 screen names and it’s possible your first choice is already taken. I’ll run down the list until I find one that sticks.

your humble TubaDiva

Have you lightened up any on reusing usernames? For instance, someone who posted three times in one day in 2000, and hasn’t been back since?

We have actually had cases, I think of someone who did only post three times in 2000 actually coming out of lurking and starting posting again. This board does have an ornery tendancy to defy folks’ expectations.