Can I combine music files?

I have a book on cd that I’d like to combine into one file instead of the 100’s of tiny little files it has. Any help?

What format is the file in? mp3? ogg? wav?

Anyway, you should be able to do exactly what you want with Audacity, an excellent free sound editor.

There may be more simple programs out there for basic joining, but Audacity will do the job if you don’t any any better suggestions.

If you’re using iTunes, there’s a choice in the Advanced menu to “Join CD Tracks.” You can combine them and then rip them to whatever format you choose.

But don’t they have to be from the same cd? I haven’t found a way to join tracks from different cds.

I’ve never tried it on different CDs. Maybe you could export the CD tracks to AIFF or WAV format or something and combine THOSE in iTunes.