Can I control which of my 2 house lines AOL uses to dialup?

I have 2 phone lines (i.e. 2 different numbers) coming into my house but through one actual phone line (i.e. one cord which connects to my phone which in turn separates them).

But I want to only use line 2 for connecting to the internet. The problem is, AOL seems to default to line 1. Is there any way for me to specify to AOL that it is to use line 2?

You modem is only capable of using the primary line on a jack.

you have 1 jack with both lines on them? - if so you can buy a splitter that will plug into the one jace and give you 2 output (jacks) one will be line 1 only and the other will be line 2 only.

you can also open up your jack and switch the incomming red and green wires with yellow and black - this will switch line 1 and 2.

You can also buy a jack with two outputs (I have one as a wall plate), and as ksdave said, use the red and green wires for line 1 and black and yellow for line 2.