Can I convert Adobe to something else?

I have some Adobe files of organizational charts. I need to recreate them in PowerPoint. Is there some way to import the Adobe image, and make it into something editable in PowerPoint? Even if it is not 100% perfect, at least it would save me from starting from scratch! I need a solution which would permit me to edit the file, or else I might as well start from scratch.

  • Jinx

You can import PDF images into other apps but editability is the problem. PPTools has some information. The site is a good source for PowerPoint information.

I’ve used Solidconverter and scansoft to convert pdfs into editable word docs: and

Adobe what? Adobe is the name of the company, not the file format.

Illustrator file?
Photoshop file?
InDesign file?

What OS are you using? If you have access to a MacOS 9 (or 8 for that matter) machine, snag a copy of Dave Walker (or Warker?)'s freeware Print2Pict printer driver, use the Print2Text option, and you should be fine.

(Even the default Print2Pict setting will do the job if you have a drawing program that gives you access to text layers of a PICT, such as Illustrator or Canvas or Freehand)

I use the free utility pdf2ps to convert to Postscript (which I can manipulate in Ghostscript). Not 100% perfect but still useful.

Built for Linux but I also run it under Cygwin with MS-Windows OSes.

There’s a whole batch of pdf2* utilities, including plaintext, tex, etc. But you lose a lot more (or all) formatting, embedded pictures, etc.