Can I cut an earthworm in half without killing it?

I’m not going to… but.

I seem to remember someone saying that they had a brain at each end and that one end was male, the other female and if you cut it in half both ends would live and regenerate a new end.
Is that right?

No to the ‘both ends’ bit.

It will really become one living earthworm and one discarded earthworm tail, IIRC. The living end can, sometimes, grow another tail.

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As Aro said, no to the “both ends” part. They have only one brain, and the head end has a mouth and the tail end has an anus. Earthworms are hermaphroditic, but this isn’t “one end is male and one is female.”

They may regenerate, but only a tail, again as Aro said. So the strange part is, if it’s cut in half the head will regenerate a tail and everything’s fine, but the severed tail will regenerate a tail, and eventually starve to death for lack of a mouth, basically.