Can I do anything with an old joint of beef?

I was sorting out the fridge and behind some other food was a joint of beef for roasting. Uncooked, vacuum-packed. Its use-by date is 16 Dec 09. It’s been sitting at the back bottom of the fridge for over 3 weeks :smack:

But I’m wondering, is it still safe to eat? I know beef can be left to mature for good while. If it’s not safe to roast, are there ways of cooking it safely?

It may still be good. Open it and smell it. If it smells okay, it’s okay to eat. If it smells at all rancid, even just for a whiff, then throw it away; you can’t fix it. The “use-by” date is a recommendation based on the earliest date it could start to spoil, but there’s a range. Like you said, aged beef is okay, but it’s aged at colder temps than a normal fridge; however, many areas of the fridge are colder than others.

Is any of it looking a bit green? Does any part of it smell even a bit off? If not you’re fine. I’d recommend some sort of stew so you can cut it up and have a good sniff around the meat.

Best before dates for a load of products are more to do with stock rotation than actual edibility.

It’s a “use by” date the OP has which is NOT the same thing as a “Best Before”.

Can I do anything with an old joint of beef?

Sure, what’s it gonna do, write it’s Congressman?

adjusts glasses

Good Lord, you ARE correct! But loads of food lasts well beyond even the use by date.

The Use By date on the beef is the same as the Display Until date, so I’m not sure what’s up there.

I haven’t opened the packaging - it’s vacuum packed and I’m less than half way through another joint of beef, so it will be another few days yet.

If it seems okay when I open it, is there a stew that will withstand being reheated several days running?