Can I do this in Excel using data validation?

I’m working with an Excel spreadsheet which has 2 columns that use data validation to give the user drop down lists of choices of entries. I’m wondering if there is a way to get the second column to populate based on what is entered in the first, but still allow the user to override that data if its incorrect.

For example, column A might be called “vehicle”, and have have car, truck, and van as the choices, and column B might be “color”, and have red, white, and blue as the choices. Both columns would only let the user choose from the list, or leave a blank. I’d like to set it up so that if someone enters car in column A, that it causes column B to default to red, but if the user wants to override that and chose white or blue or a blank, they could still make the change.

Does it sound possible to set up something like this?

Do this:

Create a list of vehicle types. Keep them to one word. e.g car truck van

Highlight the list and in the name box at the left of the formula bar type in Vehicle and press enter.

Create a list for each vehicle type with the allowed colors. Name them in the same way as the items on the list of vehicles e.g car truck van

Do your normal data validation where vehicle type goes pointing it to the list Vehicle.

For validation of the particular vehicle type in data validation choose list with source =INDIRECT(pointed at cell where vehicle type has just been entered)

To allow override of the list just turn off the error alert.