Can I drink black coffee before a fasting glucose/cholesterol blood draw? NEED ANSWER FAST

See query.

Will be going to blood lab soon. Coffee’s basically water, right?

I asked my doctor the same question a few years back and at that time I was told it was OK to consume black coffee or plain tea. But your doctors answer may not be the same.

Yep, I’ve always been allowed black, unsweetened coffee before a standard blood draw.

Coffee’s basically water except that it isn’t. Most guidelines allow only water for 12 hours prior to fasting glucose draws, but cholesterol tests are less sensitive. Your doctor may also have ordered other tests that weren’t explained in detail. I would abstain unless absolutely necessary.

My doc says no

In theory, yes.

In practice, from all the various diabetes forums I frequent, a subset of people report blood glucose increases from black coffee. It doesn’t affect me, but to be safe, I’d avoid it before a blood draw.

Medical advice is best suited to IMHO. You need to ask a medical professional about this, not people on an anonymous message board.

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Plain coffee or tea (no milk, sugar, creamer, or other additives) should be fine. I do it all the time, and in fact when the lab lady asks me if I’ve had anything to eat or drink and I say “just coffee” she goes ahead and does the blood draw. If it was an issue I’m sure she’d let me know.

Actually, I usually have to give a urine sample with my blood draw, so a couple of cups of coffee helps with that, if you know what I mean. :wink:

Yes you’re right. Sorry for the mispost.

Also, thnx to all.

In the meantime I got through to my endocrinologist’s nurse and got the ok.

My doc says yes.

I have always done that before my health exams. I only take my coffee black so it’s no hardship for me

I can only drink my coffee sweetened, so I have to wait.

I bring a container of sweetened espresso with me, and as soon as the needle leaves my vein, I’m chugging it down. Then I’m eating my pre-purchased Sausage McMuffin as I drive in to work.

I get up really early, so I’ve been waiting two or three hours past my usual coffee and breakfast hour.

Yes, no cream no sugar. So my doc always says.

My doctor has no problem with me drinking plain tea. (I don’t drink coffee.)