Can I drive to Central Park from Milwaukee in 14 hours like Mapquest says?

That’s pretty much the question at hand. Also, once there can I park anywhere and just start walking around? I don’t know how parking/driving friendly the place is…I’d like to park on the Times Square side and then maybe walk to Times Square and the surrounding areas.
Is this a good idea or should I plan this out more? I’d like to just wing it and make a weekend of it. Hit some hole in the wall places and just kind of blend in, without the accent of course.
Recommend some restaurants and sights, if you’d like, that are close to the area in question.

Thanks and Happy Turkey Day!

do you have astronaut diapers?

:dubious: Unlikely. I wish it were true, because I might have to try it if it were. :slight_smile:
The calculator assumes average speed of about 66 MPH. Getting to and through Chicago alone would be 3 or more hours in good traffic. IMHO, there is no such thing as good traffic. If you do make it, let us know how long it takes. Safe travels.

No. lol.
I realise that the 14 hours is “driving time”.

I can work around the Chicago traffic by leaving at a strategically beneficial hour of the day as to avoid the brunt of the traffic down there.

My worry was more with the last 25 miles before Central Park and specifically the last 5 or so. I have no idea how gridlocked the streets can be around those parts.
Or how thick the traffic on the bridge is.

Untrue. I’m a veteran of many trips through Chicago, and by choosing the time right, I have made it from the north end of the Edens (where 94 and 294 split) to Indiana via the Skyway in 40 minutes.

Do that, and one has little traffic to worry about until they approach NYC.

I’ve no doubt it’s doable. I’ve done Milwaukee to Baltimore in under 12.

Can’t help much with the NYC traffic end, though.

Thought so, I’ve done the same. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Where are the plethora of NYC dopers?

They’re all stuck in traffic on the way home from Central Park.
Unfortunately, I have nothing useful to add to the discussion, being on the wrong side of the continent. But if you have any questions about San Francisco traffic, fire away!

Okay, I’ll be the first to first laugh, and then say “no way” …and then laugh again. :slight_smile:

I live in NJ, and it has taken me 3 hours to get to Central Park in NY. Heck, it’s taken me over an hour to get to Central Park from the NY side of the Lincoln Tunnel. And good luck finding parking that doesn’t cost a fortune anywhere near Central Park, or at all. Do yourself a huge favor and park in NJ and take either the Path or NJ Transit train into New York Penn Station.

Drive into NY at your own peril; it has become a very driver-unfriendly city.

When I was a kid traveling to visit relatives over Xmas, we’d do Baltimore to Madison in a day. If it was me, I’d agree with taking the Path or NJ Transit actually into the City.

I am not sure which bridge you’re talking about, but I will presume George Washington. I don’t know from which direction you will be approaching the bridge. I’d say the traffic is probably lighter from the North than the South, but the approach can be bad from any direction really. Once you reach the bridge, whatever the amount of time you have calculated for the remainder of your trip, I would double it.

Seriously, don’t drive into NY unless you really need to or have a lot of extra time and patience. You’ll also save money by parking in NJ and taking the train in.

Take it from a former New Jerseyite, It can be done, but you don’t want a car in New york city. Depending on time of day and weekend/weekday, you want to drive into new jersey, and stop at a park and ride and get on the train or a bus. I personally drove to the Willowbrook Mall, in Wayne, NJ and took the bus from there the most times - the schedule was better than the trains on the weekend (the NJ transit line I was on in Boonton didn’t even run on the weekends).

If he parks in Hoboken, it is a 15 minute Path train ride to 33rd Street in NY, and the trains run every 10 minutes during the day and every 30 minutes overnight, even on weekends.

Also note that round trip Path train fare from Hoboken NJ to 33rd Street in NY is $5. Driving into and parking in NY will cost many multiples of that:

Tunnel toll (round trip): $20.50 to $26.00
Parking in NY: Can be upwards of $50 (or more, depending on various factors)

So… $5 by train, or around $70 by car. The math seems simple to me.

Try the Halal Cart at 6th & 53rd - I’m pretty sure this is it.

Halal Guys
1300-1318 Avenue of the Americas, Manhattan, NY 10019

If you are leaving the main lobby of the New York Hilton - turn right and cross that major street (on the same side of the NY Hilton). I’m pretty sure that is 53rd. Whatever it is - you want the cart on that corner. It is AMAZING - get the lamb! It’s there as soon as you cross the street - there will probably be a line.

South West corner of 6th & 53rd - I stay at that hotel in part so I can go out at night and bring one of the lamb gyros back to my room. I am not kidding.

In Central Park - don’t miss literary walk and the fountain. It what you see in all the movies that feature Central Park (well most anyway).

Also check out Belvedere Castle - I never knew there was a castle in the Middle of Central Park - until I stumbled upon it during my first visit.

I love Central Park - it is wonderful - there isn’t too much exciting up on the north half of the park - so unless you have lots of time - I wouldn’t wander up there.

St Thomas on 5th between 53rd and 54th (which is kinda close to the Halal place). It is very close to St Patricks Cathedral. I am an atheist, but I have visited this church probably 8 out of the last 10 times I have been in Manhattan. I do not get why St Patricks gets all the recommendations - it is a totally over commercialized - not very clean or inviting - well you get the point. St Thomas is an amazing peaceful oasis in a bustling metropolis. Sometimes I’ve gone in there and had (from what I could see) - the entire church to myself. They have an awesome choir as well. I just go in there and sit for a while. I personally think it is the most beautiful church I have ever seen. I’m kinda biased - cause I really like good lighting - and this place is close to perfect.

Do this.

Ah, I forgot the cost of parking in Hoboken which, even when added, is still a savings over driving into NY.

Anyone want to suggest the best time to leave? For example leave Milwaukee at 11 am (CST) and arrive in New York City at 2 am (EST)

Chicago rush hour runs from approximately 6:30 am to 11:00 am and then 11:01 am to 7pm. I wish I was joking. Sometimes you’ll get a sweet spot from 11 until almost 1, but I wouldn’t count on it, especially on Fridays. (Or rather, I do try to count on it sometimes, and I end up being late to wherever I’m going.)

If you want to gamble on that 11am easing, then you should leave Milwaukee about 10:00.

My wife and I drive out to Boston from Chicago for two weeks every summer. This last trip it took us a little over 15 hours, so I suspect it can be done.