Can I Drive w/o License, if...?

I was wondering: If I were driving without a license, and I get pulled over for speeding…can the system actually track the speeding ticket? Can the system find a record for me against which to track said record?

Considering that everything is computer-based, and the system is geared to find you by registration number, or license number, or whatever…can they find me? Especially if the car has no plates, would they arrest you on the spot until you could be identified?

  • Jinx
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One of the “whatever” that “the system” checks is name. In other words, yes.

In ages past, you could give the cop a false name and leave the scene with a ticket that they’d be unable to attach to a person.

Nowadays, if you get stopped while driving and have no identification documents, you’re most likely going to be incarcerated until the system is satisfied that it knows you. At the least.

Assuming you mean you never had a driver’s license in the first place, the cop would probably detain, even arrest you, until your identity is assured.

And just because the car has no license plates does not mean it cannot be traced. There is always the VIN (vehicle identification number).

The speeding ticket would be the least of your worries.

IANA lawyer, but, um, if you were pulled over for speeding in a car with no license plates, and when the cop asked you for your driver’s license, you told him you didn’t have one, I think you’d find yourself cuffed in the back of the squad car PDQ. And then they would get to work, figuring out who you really were, while you cooled your heels in the slammer.

They don’t need a driver’s license number to track you through the criminal justice system. They give you a brand new number, called a “case number”, no matter what name you give them, and they track you with that.

And if you stuck to your guns and insisted to the arresting officer that your name really was “Bond–James Bond”, they’d shrug and put that in your file, along with your fingerprints. Then the next time anybody ran your prints, it would come up as “James Bond”, and if you now insisted that your name was in fact “Jinx”, you would have some 'splaining to do.

you didn’t seriously think that you’d found a loophole in the laws, did you? “Just don’t get a driver’s license, and they can’t track you”?

In days gone by, in certain jurisdictions, if you were pulled over for a moving violation such as speeding and did not have your driver’s license (left it at home, forgot it, etc.) you’d be ticketed for both the offense and driving without a license. But you would be given “time to produce” which was typically 24 hours, and if you showed up at the police station with your license, the charge of driving without a license would be dropped.

The computerization of the world has eliminated this lovely loophole.

Well,some of this must be still going on.I was stopped by a cop for a legit-tho borderline, moving offense (failing to turn right in right hand lane,tho I was turning right abt.a block ahead with no one occupying the inside lane-and no cars waiting to get into traffic from the intersecting street-a move I-and others- have done dozens of times),and had my old (expired)insurance card in glove box.

She wrote me a ticket for a court appearance (failure to provide proof of insurance) one month hence,then explained if I’d show up at courthouse with ins.proof 3 days or more before the court appearance the charge would be dropped.I did,it,was
No,she didn’t write the illegal right turn ticket recognizing it for the trumped up charge it was since the lane is a a newly installed one by a new shopping center-and her original premise for stopping me was a suspected DUI(she told me after our abt.5 minute conversaton about this lane),since I was pulling out of an adjacent shopping center which has a bar by that exit.

I think I disarmed her when her first question to me was “when was the last time you had a drink”,and I responded with “I don’t know,must be a couple years”

I live in Virginia where driver’s license numbers are the same as your Social Security number. An acquaintance of mine got pulled over for speeding last year and didn’t want her boyfriend (who had paid her last several tickets already, as she was unemployed) to know she’d gotten popped again. Although she had her license in her wallet, she told the cop she’d left it home. He asked for her name, SSN & birthdate and she gave him her sister’s info instead. He wrote her a ticket for speeding and not having her license, which she ignored. Several months later she was arrested at home - her sister had been served for failing to appear in court on the traffic charges. When she claimed no knowledge of the tickets, they showed her the signature on the tickets, and she was able to determine it was her sister’s handwriting. She was jailed on a $5000 forgery bond and ended up serving weekends for about three months (her ex had her kids on the weekends, so the judge let her serve the time then).

So, uh, no, don’t drive without a license.

>> I live in Virginia where driver’s license numbers are the same as your Social Security number

Only if you want. Not in my case.


When you go to the DMV, have them give you a license number, rather than using your social. Never a good idea to have that info on your card.

And yes, it is possible to slip through the cracks…Temporarily. We were discussing a similar case earlier this evening (I work for a Sheriff’s Dept.) where someone gave incorrect info, and managed to get off the hook for upwards of a year. As in the case of jane_says, the person was eventually apprehended once the person whom he had stolen the identity from wondered why he had a DUI on his record…