Can I E freeze me out of ONE web site?

I enjoy a digital photography forum on
After participating for 8 months, the site doesn’t recognize my password.
No problem; I’ll go to the “forgot your password” page. Submit, no response.
No problem; I’ll go to the “feedback” page. Submit above tale, no response.

I have not broken any rules, been rude, or otherwise done anything to be banned.

Can it be my browser ?

Thanks for any help.


Possible, though unlikely if this is the only site IE is having trouble logging you in with.

Try this in case it is:

Tools Menu->Internet Options->General Tab->Temporary Internet Files->Delete Files. This will clear IE’s cache, which can sometimes goober it’s performance.

I notice at the very bottom of the site FAQ there is an email for the webmaster. If all else fails you might consider emailing there.

I assume you are having no problems with your email address.

A corrupt cookie might be causing the login problem. You can delete all cookies in IE6 by going to Tools|Internet Options and hitting the Delete Cookies button. If you have a lower version (or don’t want to delete all cookies) you’ll have to locate your Cookies folder and delete ones from that particular website. It’s usually under C:\Windows in Win9x and C:\Documents and Settings%username%\Local Settings\Cookies in Win2000.

And that’s not all it can do! It can freeze up your computer completely. It slices, it dices. It’s a floor wax and a dessert topping.

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