Can I file a FOIA with the FBI?

No, I’m not a terrorist. (I’m formerly known as duffer here, though no access to that email so hence the new name.)

Anyway, with all the info coming out about info gathering by the government (yes, I vociferously supported the actions leading to it, mistakenly) I’m now wondering if I can demand any info gathered and stored using the Freedom of Information Act.

Is it, as I suspect, excluded?

Yes. Yes I have become completely distrustful of the government. Sorry it took so damn long.

I remember you duffer.

What did you do that the government gathered info. on?

I don’t know or suspect that they have info on me. I assume that most info they have is basically fishing and inconsequential, but we know they gather it.

What I’m trying to find out is if they have been spying. And it’s there a way to find out? Thought that was clear.

To be clear. I’m not involved in any nefarious dealings. As a taxpaying, law-abiding citizen, can I find out if there’s a database containing my info?

There either is or isn’t.

And I you old friend! Wish I could get that name back but the password and email accounts are lost to time. Pity

Yes you can. The FBI even have a portal set up for doing that on their website.

There are certain exemptions for criminal investigations. If they deny your request for any particular information based on an exemption you can appeal the decision.

Note that if they didn’t have a file on you before, they will after processing your request.

You should probably PM a mod about getting your old username back. By the way, uglyduckling was looking for you, about 9 years ago.

You may want to send a message to a moderator about that. I remember you too and I am sure they will as well but the rules about double accounts are really strict even if you don’t use one anymore. I am sure they can find a way to fix it for you as long as you tell them first. You may even be able to get your old account back but I can’t speak for them.

I can’t say that I have ever known anyone that has filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the FBI but I have read about people doing it back when they had literal ‘files’ on people like celebrities. Some got responses back. However, today, I would be much more worried about the NSA and Department of Homeland Security than the FBI and I am fairly certain they aren’t going to give full disclosure on everything. People even have a hard time finding out if they are on a Do-Not-Fly list until they show up at the airport and some innocent people have found it almost impossible to be taken off of one even if it by mistake. The only problem with the novel 1984 was the setting was a few years too early.

Thanks for the responses. It’s more a question borne of curiosity. I’m not too keen on actually spending time and money on a FOIA request, just wondered about it after finally getting around to watching Dexter.

I got a response about the username but can’t get into the notifications on my phone for some reason. I’ll keep trying tonight, unless a mod is able to do it via email.

Anyway, thanks again for the input.

Heh, never mind. I can suddenly get to the PMs. (Peers at the FBI) cackle