Can I Find Out Details About An Arrest?

A relative was recently arrested. I’d like to find out some information about the arrest without asking the relative. Is this possible? Can anyone provide some guidance on where to look?

Things I know:

The crime was discovered a month or so ago.
The arrest occurred within the last couple of days.
The crime appears to be growing marijuana. Some evidence involves plumbing and electrical connections.
The relative lives in a small town in Texas (population of about 2,000).
There is talk in the family of Federal involvement.

I’m not clear on why there would be Federal involvement. I would expect that the relative would have been arrested by a Sheriff, so this seems odd to me.

I’m guessing this relative is or was growing marijuana- it seems very much like something this person would do. I don’t believe, however, that it would have been a large amount. I think the amount would have been enough for personal use and perhaps some sharing with like-minded friends. This person does have an arrest history for drunk driving (and there could have been more than one arrest for that).

Find out what county the relative was arrested in, and then look up that county’s website to see if they put arrest records online. Some do, some don’t.

If it happened in Missouri, you can probably find some information here for free:

It should be on the police blog on newspaper on line , the daily newspaper in my city has a police blog for all the arrests that been made. If you know what city or town it happen in google newspapers for that city most newspaper let to you read few pages for free per week .

Some counties in Illinois do this too.

If this only happened a couple days ago, you might have to wait a while. They might not have charged him with everything yet. If the feds are involved it might move even slower. Federal charges probably won’t show on the county website. I’m not sure where you’d find out. The local news site might be your best bet.

I was able to ferret out some information.

It appears that there is some leeway regarding marijuana and someone being charged with a state v. a federal criminal charge. Factors such as who made the arrest, the amount of marijuana involved, whether one is/was moving marijuana across state lines, and/or being involved in other illegal activities such as other whether other kinds of drugs or guns, etc., are involved all determine whether the state or the fed is involved.