Can I flat out call a poster a liar in the Pit?

I’ve not seen anything specifically against it in the rules, but everyone’s been so fuckin’ touchy-feely lately…

In fact I want to Pit someone who joined recently specifically for being a liar.


I’ll take that as an official okey dokey since you’re a mod.

It’s a trap!!!
You should have asked “May I call a poster a liar in the Pit?”


It that like an Arnold Swartzeneger “its a trap” more like a Jar Jar Binks “izta trap”?

Because there is big difference.

Admiral Ackbar.

Well, you all know what everyone says about how consistent the modding is. And Idle Thoughts isn’t the Pit Mod. They’re very territorial, you know.

General Jeff.

Yeah, but I don’t have to be a Pit mod to know the answer to this one, I know what’s allowed in the Pit and what isn’t. :wink:

My friends want Boyo Jim to pit some guy, but I’m against that sort of thing.

Well, okay, inasmuch as this thread ain’t in The Pit, I guess the above ain’t no lie. :wink:

So, in the Pit, can I suggest someone perform a physiologically improbably act of self-penetration? Or that his relationship with his maternal ancestor is socially unacceptable?

Back in the old AOL days, I got away with the first one in reference to Cyberian64, or whatever number he was.

I’m fairly sure those are over the line, at least according to my understanding (note: not a mod, don’t want to be). :slight_smile:

Our message board can not repel ignorance of that magnitude! :slight_smile:

Be careful. It might be a trap.

So where’s the post? Waiting for the fireworks.

The whole Pit should be shut down. It allows people to be mean and that is wrong and satanic.

In my experience, that depends on who’s saying it and who they’re saying it to.

It’s a trap.

Totally allowed. The list of things you can’t call other posters in the Pit is very limited:

No hate speech*
No death threats or wishing harm.
None of the terms listed on the “banned words” list.

Anything else is fair game. And if you’re talking about someone who’s not a poster at all, the only restriction is “No hate speech.”

*“Hate speech,” in this context, refers specifically to the user of racial/religious/sexual slurs (“Faggot,” “Nigger,” etc.) or open calls for genocide (“Let’s just kill all the Muslims!”).