Can I get a free credit report?

I thought I saw on a local news program that a law had been passed that required the three major credit bureaus to provide one free credit report. Can anyone offer any help with this?

Yep, but when depends on which state you are in. They are rolling it out at different times for parts of the country. Annual Credit - Home Page
I already got all 3 of mine and filed disputes on each. :smiley:

Thanks for the quick response, and the link! I hope I don’t have the same problems.

Yes you can.

Go here

Beware as it appears lot of companies are trying to cash in on this and have special ‘offers’ to help you get your free credit report.

I already got one of mine. I’m spacing them out so I get one every 4 months. If you haven’t already checked your credit recently you probably should get all of them because the info is not the same on all reports. I checked mine last year and one of the agencies had me listed as trying to buy a ~million $ house. That is a little out of my range. I got it cleaned up after a few phones calls and faxes.


Your welcome.

About the disputes, I filed bankruptcy about 5 years ago and one of the creditors did something sneaky. Now I have gotten copies of my report before, you can get them if you are denied credit or want to pay for the, and never noticed it.

There were two account in Collections that I filed bankruptcy on. On my credit report, there were two entries for each. The first entry had something like account number 1000000123456 and showed as discharged in bankruptcy. The second entry had account number 000123456 and still showed as a balance due.

I had only pulled one report and when I saw that, I checked a second one. It had the same thing. Of course, the third one did as well. I filed disputes online for all 3 and one of them already responded that the incorrect information was removed.

So I say even if it looks accurate always double check the information showing on your credit report.