Can I get a new KB without Windows keys?

I have a feeling someone has asked this in the past, but I couldn’t find it in a search. I want to find a keyboard of decent quality, with PS/2 style plug, that doesn’t have any silly Windows or “internet” keys. I never use 'em, except when I’m playing a game or something, and my finger slips, and the window gets minimized, then by the time I figure out what happened and get back in there, I’m dead. Hate that. Also, I have the KB plugged into a switch that lets me use the same devices on my Linux box, where the keys are entirely useless. I think there’s a way for me to remap the keys, but I don’t even want them there. Anyone know of a KB manufacturer that doesn’t pander to MS users?

I doubt any “new” QWERTY PC keyboards being manufactured currently are giong to lack the “windows” key for obvious marketing reasons. You are in luck, however, I’ve got at least two of the original full size IBM AT keyboards with PS-2 connector, in mint condition with spring buckle key press construction. These keyboards have never been equaled in construction quality or “typeability”. They are simply too expensive to manufacture economically when people expect keyboards to cost 20. These retailed at 115. - $ 200. They weigh 4 pounds each. No windows or net keys, just the qwerty keyboard in straight lines as GOD intended it.

email me if you want to get one.

My workplace uses a program which has some of the same problems you’re describing when the Windows keys are accidentally pressed. We never use the Windows keys anyway, so our solution was to just take a paperclip and take them all off. Problem solved. On the rare occasions I want to press a Windows key, I use the little-known <Left CTRL> + <ESC> combination, which does the same thing.

It’s not pretty, but it works a LOT better than leaving them on.

I’d imagine you can find keyboards for Unix systems or PCs running Linux that would have no need for those extra keys.

Go to Thye have many cheap keyboard that they can send you. If you order on, it’s most likely at some point in time, been in my hands, as I work in inventory there.

Yes, I forgot about the Happy Hacking keyboard and sure to check out the heavy duty keyboards @
Look at this handy website however, most listed there will have Windoze keys…

basically I said search ebay for IBM keyboard
those old ones are big, heavy, loud and great…

I just had to make the observation that I’ve owned many different personal computers since 1975 and I have never owned a keyboard with a Windows Key on it. But then, I never buy the crap that BillG decrees the world must consume. On the rare occasions when I want to run Windows, I run it on my Mac.

BTW, that Happy Hacking keyboard is cool. I saw a Japanese web page where someone discovered the smaller HH keyboard would fit into the keyboard opening of an old Apple IIe case. So he ripped it apart, and shoved a PowerPC G4 motherboard into it. Now he has a Macintosh IIe.

From the happy-hacking FAQ:

Anyone remember the ADM-3A?

Try some thrift shops, they usually have plenty of this type of keyboard for a couple dollars.

Hmm. Both my control keys work with ESC to serve the same purpose (ie-start menu)

The one think the windows key has over CTRL+ESC is that there are some additional shortcuts for it.

Win+E = windows explorer, which is super handy for me.
Win+R = Run dialogue, which I use for opening IE and Word since they both reside in the default directory I simply type “winword.exe” or “iexplore.exe http://whatever” and move along. I try and avoid using the mouse unless absolutely necessary. IMO its useless and slow.

I’m sure there’s more win-key shortcuts that I don’t know about, if anyone knows more please drop me a line or, for further hijacking, post here. :slight_smile:

typo man (is it that a typo for me to correctly spell an intentional typo? hmmm), can’t you just map the keys for your game differently? Most games which require KB controls use WASZ or something similar, but I almost ALWAYS change that to center around the “F” key since it has tactile-increasing protrustions (a bump) on it to aide me finding it without looking. YMMV, tho.

And if you go removing keys, I suggest the CTRL key. That way, when anyone gets a little uppity, just pull it out of your pocket and explain to them calmly that you’ve got control.

(omg, did I say that out loud?)

wolfseyn: thanks for the info and the links, I ended up buying an older IBM keyboard from a computer recycling-type place I found on I had wanted a new one, but the ones I found at just didn’t look like they’d suit my needs.

BarBQSauce: where on that page is there a non-Windows keyboard? The only ones I could find had Windows keys.

aynrandlover: Yes, it’s a typo, and I nearly always remap the keys for the games I play (except Half-Life, where the default configuration is what I’ve grown used to). My point is, I have no use for 'em, and I have no desire to buy into anything Windows. I may have to use it for some things, but I don’t have to be happy about it.

And mucho thanks to all on the board for being smart and hep. I’ve fallen into the habit of spending 3-4 hours a day here.

I have some little penguin stickers that are made to go over the windows keys for Linux users.