Can I get a tax deduction for my cell phone?

I have worked all year doing field IT work. I have a very high cell phone bill, and I need a lot of data for work. Can I get a tax deduction for this? I believe it is a business expense.

If you itemize deductions, and if the expenses exceed 2% of your adjusted gross income un-reimbursed employee expenses are deductible.

Maybe. I believe that these types of deductions are somewhat of an audit trigger. Nothing to worry about it you do everything right.

You will need to prorate business vs personal use. If you are self employed or an independent contractor you can put out on schedule c. If an employee, you need to itemize and can only deduct above 2% of AGI. This may be difficult to clear. If you take the standard deduction, you can’t.

The best thing to do, is have the employer gave you a reimbursement check in the amount which covers the cost that at least pertains to business. Or have them cover the cost of a company cell phone to use. The tax deduction even at best won’t recover the cost dollar for dollar as well as a reimbursement check.

Not long ago, some employers would either pay for broadband internet connections from the home or a part of it for those employees who even occasionally worked from home.

… as long as the total of your itemized deduction exceeds the standard deduction that you would otherwise be allowed. If they don’t then there is no add’l benefit derived.

All of the above assumes you are an employee…if you are a contractor and report your revenue and expenses on Schedule C then these limitations don’t apply.

Note… back in the day, you weren’t allowed to deduct any part of the base monthly charge for your first land line. The “logic” was that everyone needs one anyway… not sure if any of that “logic” applies to cell phone bills.