Can I get a virtual/voip number in China?

I have business associates in China (mostly Shenzhen). I’m in the USA. Can I set up a local Chinese number that they can call, and have it redirect to me in the USA? I know it’s possible to do that for numbers in the USA and other countries via SkypeIn or one of the various VoIP providers, but I can’t parse through all the spam ads on Google to see if there’s a reasonable way to do the same in China.

Not the answer you’re looking for but for what it’s worth I’ve used Skype from company and hotel internet connections in China to the US. I would think anyone participating in international business from China would have their local internet angle figured out.

Try out Localphone - it’s a service that gives you a local number in a certain city which then redirects to your own number or VoIP software. There’s an incoming number available for Beijing, which you can either have forwarded to your own phone or to a PC app. Hope this is useful!

We use iTalkBB and have for probably 5 years. It is a local Shanghai number and rings in our place here in Seattle. Works well.

I thought Chinese people just used WeChat for internet voice calls.

WeChat is huge and we have that but having a local phone number is great. We have a bundle with a slew of Chinese TV programs and movies. And I use it to call numbers in China/HK/Taiwan for a paltry amount.

We do use WeChat all the time for texting and for short voice bursts, but we’ve experienced lousy sound quality when people call us using WeChat’s phone-call feature from China to the USA. It drops calls within a few minutes 9 times out of 10.

Thanks for the recs–I’ll check out iTalkBB and Localphone!