Can I get Canadian cat food shipped to the US?

The RhythmCats’ regular diet consists of Science Diet wet and dry food (can in the AM, dry free fed). Their treats used to be Tender Vittles moist cat food (better for them than hyper-salty-fat-blocks marketed as treats). They love love loved them, and had no idea they weren’t “treats” in the conventional sense—shake a packet and they’d come a-running!

But alas, Tender Vittles no longer sells moist food in the US. The product line has been replaced by wet food sold in CapriSun-like packets. Not the kind of thing you can shake a few morsels into your hand. They still sell their dry food, but the boys never took to them like they did the packets. I don’t like commercial treats, and though we’ve tried them, nothing—even the dried fish flakes—comes close to the treaty-goodness of the Vittles.

The do, however, still sell them in Canada. While importing prescription drugs is generally frowned upon, I can’t see there being much of a squabble over cat food, but damned if I can find a place to ship them.

Any suggestions?



I have no cite other than repetitive personal experience entering the USA from Canada. Pet food of any kind is not allowed. Yeah, even the “Made in USA” stuff that I thought I was clever in buying at a Canadian Wal-Mart.

Looks to me like you’ll have to go to Canada yourself and personally purchase it. I don’t find anyone online who’s selling it. The couple of Canadian online cat food purveyors I turned up in a cursory search both specialize in “all-natural”-type cat food, not mass-market Purina.

From here, way down at the bottom, opens a Javascript window.

So no lamb-flavored.
And as for cat food with chicken, earlier it says:

So I’d bring my grocery store receipts with me.

More stuff here, if you’re interested:

While I’m only 300 miles from the Canadian boarder, I don’t think the boy’s mind-control is that advanced yet. I mean, I just used Mapquest to get some directions, and it doesn’t look like this is going to happen, at least not until I’ve checked the air in my tires. Snacks are great and all, but going all the way to Canada in person is out of the question, where is my passport? Hey, waitasecond…

No offence, but…

…iyiyi how do I put this? I like cats. I’m a cat person. They’re cool. But going to this trouble?

Meanwhile, in Burma…


300 miles…is only a five-hour drive.
300 miles…is only a five-hour drive.
300 miles…is only a five-hour drive.