Can I get info (say a map) on the cost of living in different areas?

I was just doing some thinking about where I might want to be, things like that. I was wondering how much it might cost to live in one area, versus where I am now, and so on. I’m sort of struggling in an expensive area. It would be very helpful if there was a map that showed what the cost of living was in different areas.

Now, there are different aspects of the cost of living. Property value is a huge one, and just that would help. Income levels might be relevant. I’m sure there are some overall cost-of-living indices that are computed. Anyway, is there any place where you can browse a map that is simply color-coded according to costs, something like that? I realize it might depend on whether things are averaged out by county, or neighborhood, or what.

I think the Economist publishes a yearly survey on the cost of living in different cities all over the world, you might want to check that out.

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That’s an awesome reference. Does anyone know of anything similar that compares at the city level nationwide? I ask because I currently live in the NYC area, but come from Upstate NY, where life is relatively cheap (at least compared to here).