Can I get over a sinus infection without antibiotics?

I’ve been sniffly and mucus-y for about five weeks and finally went to my doctor last week, who told me that I either had a sinus infection or was “getting ready to get one”. He gave me an antibiotic (Biaxin), which left me so nauseated after three days that I stopped taking it. Of course, I’m still sniffling and have a sinus headache.

Can I get over this without taking an antibiotic, or do I have to suffer through the side effects of the Biaxin? Given the choice, I’d much rather sniffle, but I also don’t want to be sick forever.

Most people clear sinus infections on their own eventually. Most, but not all. And eventually doesn’t necessarily mean soon. Or without complications.

And while most sinus infections aren’t bacterial in the first place, so quite often antibiotics don’t help, lots of times they do make a big difference in outcomes.

However, you should be asking your doctor these questions, not a message board. I will not counsel you to take random advice from a message board over the recommendations of your own doc, who actually has examined you.


Please consult your doctor for an alternative treatment, or another doctor in your local area.

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