Can I install 64bit Vista over 32bit Vista?

Well, let me rephrase that, I’m sure I can do it. My question is, will I lose anything in the process (programs installed after the original 32bit install, data etc…)? Let’s assume that everything will be backed up and that nothing goes terribly wrong during the process.

Microsoft claims that you need to backup your files and do a clean install.


Okay, new question. I have the 32 bit Vista, I went to the microsoft website and ordered the 64 bit version for $9.95. Can I install the 32 bit version and then format and install the 64bit version when I get it, or will I have licensce key issues? Do they use two sperate keys? I’l like to assume I can install one and then install the other, but I’m worried I’d have issues with trying to install it twice. Does anyone have any expierence with this?

You’ll need two license keys, but if Microsoft is sending you a copy of 64 bit you should be getting a 64 bit key in the package.

You won’t have any problems if you just format the drive and install 64 bit when it comes. Or you could install 64 bit to another partition if for some reason you wanted to keep your 32 bit install.

No, don’t need both running, I just want to SOMETHING running while I’m waiting for the 64 version to arrive via DHL.
So then how do they make sure I don’t install them on two separate computers. I assume the keys are linked together and basically treated as one key on their servers. If that’s the case, it would be treated as a reinstall on the same machine…