Can I laminate a stone floor? If so what is the best laminate?

Ok Mrs.Phlosphr and I have recently had a granite floor put into our sun room. The stone is not finished, it’s fairly course and irregularly shaped. I have seen stone flooring with thick coats of laminate on them, and it looks really nice. This is what we are looking for. A nice sheen and easily cleanable. I was thinking a nice coating of bar-top resin may look nice. I want to bring out the brilliance of the stone - as it has a lot of mica in it - yet protect it at the same time.

Any Ideas?

Take a peek at the link, and see if that is the result you wish to achieve.

That is the exact result I wish to have Phil. The coating looks like what I am after, however, I was wondering if it is possible to actually encase the stone in a laminate. By encase I mean pouring a resin type material over it which would fill in all the cracks and make the surface uniform. Is that possible?

You’re nuts, but I mean that in a good way.

If I understand what you want, I believe it would be impractical because any coating will yellow as it gets thick…because…

…on one hand, you want it to be transparent and glossy, yet on the other you want it relatively thick (if stone is to be encased). Add to that the fact that it needs to be tough enough for a floor, and I think you are just about out of options.

I think you have real good shot at a glossy durable coating, but I am not real confident you can find a resin, epoxy or other coating that can create a uniform coating as you describe, because it would be thick in parts (where it fills in spaces to create a level surface).

I think the results produced by a product such as the one I posted is about as practical as you can get. Any thick resins and epoxy types that can be poured/spread/leveled and which are suitable for flooring are not available as transparent solutions.

Well, there are options, but not to create the level, encased look you want.

From your OP, I had this crazy thought that you were going to put a crap-laminate floor on top of stone…yikes.

Now that I know you are not insane, I think you’d be very unhappy with sealing the floor. These types of floors age very, very well and you will find that the stone will develop its own sheen after time and use. If anything, you can seal the grout…

If it involves stone or tiles, this is the best place to ask the question:

Ok, Ok, Ok…I was going overboard with my resin thinking. I’m leaning towards letting the stone tak eon it’s own sheen, over time, or sealing it with the stuff in your (Philster ) link. Sometimes my dreams get the better of my judgement :slight_smile: