Can I legally turn my GPS into a HUD?

I would like to be able to put my small GPS on my dashboard and project it on my windshield. I know YANAL, depends on jurisdiction, member FDIC, if rash develops discontinue use, etc. but are there any obvious reasons why it would be illegal?

If not, expect a later post for some ideas about lenses for the distortion and brightness control.

I can’t imagine any reason it would be illegal.GM is currently experimenting with a HUD system for future models. Check with your local PD. If there aren’t any specific regulations prohibiting it, go for it. I’d like to hear how that turns out.

Note that many locales have laws against blue or red lights being visible from the front of a vehicle.
So, you want to make sure that your HUD isn’t emitting blue or red visible from outside.

Some GM models from the 90’s projected the digital speedometer onto the windshield in a manner like you’re thnking of. They seemed to be perfectly legal, but they sort of disappeared along with the digital speedometers. Also, they were kind of bluish, so I don’t think that’s an issue either.

My 2001 Bonneville had a HUD (digital readout, I hated it), and a traditional analogue speedometer. The only other digital junk was the climate control, clock, and stereo. I kind of miss the speedometer. I didn’t have the traditional miles/km rings. Instead, it had a button to switch the whole car from US to SI, and it was fun to make passengers think I was doing 130 miles per hour!

I had a Grand Prix that had the HUD for the speed, radio station, low fuel warning…maybe a couple other things. I thought I didn’t like it but sure missed it when I sold the can and had to look all the way down there to see how fast I’m going…

A number of vehicles had featured night vision HUD’s.

There’s an iPhone appfor that.

Our new Corvette has a HUD, and it’s essentially a reflected image up on the windscreen (although it works very well). It’s also not visible from outside the car, so the color really is irrelevant (and I doubt the red or blue light ordinances people are hinting at have any bearing; some Mustangs have red and orange instrument cluster lights which are far brighter than any HUD would be).

It’s an interesting idea. Will you still be able to control the GPS in your setup? if the windshield is the HUD display it would only take one mirror to do it.

I was thinking of a plano convex lens to flip it and make it larger. Shaped like a fistrum of a cone should account for the varying distance to the windshield. A big question is how to make it brighter during the day