Can i loose 5 lbs a week?

Hey all, I was wondering how one could loose 5 lbs a week regulary?
looking for sucess stories, opinions, methods of weightlosss etc…
lemmie know.
For those who are wondering im 5’11 and 220 lbs, looking to get to around 170
lemmie know!

You’re not gonna lose 5 pounds in a week on a regular basis barring fasting and tons of exercise.

Sure…you can lose 5 pounds in a day. Wrestlers do it all the time (a LOT more than 5 pounds too). Of course that’s just water weight, not particularly healthy and they put all the weight back on immediately after they weigh in.

Five pounds a week is doable for some people in some circumstances. It depends a lot on how overweight you are, your genetics, and so on. If you work out you may change fat weight for muscle weight so while your weight loss may not seem dramatic you are getting the ‘good stuff’ to replace the ‘bad stuff’.

Eat healthy and exercise regularly is the best thing. I know that’s a canned answer but its been canned because it is solid advice. Don’t sweat the rate so much. Get a consistent exercise schedule and proper diet and your body will naturally gravitate to its preferred weight. Over doing it can be bad. There was somewhat of a howl of disbelief a few years ago when a study done in Europe found that ‘overweight’ (say 15-30 pounds) people lived longer than ‘proper weight’ people. It would seem the people who bust their ass to force some ideal on their body away from where it would naturally like to be is stressful and ultimately harmful.

In my experience, long-term, healthy weight loss tops out at around 2 lbs. a week. I’m a middle-aged woman, though, and younger men might get better results. If you’re looking for the best weight loss method, I’d suggest a regular program of sensible diet (Weight Watchers, for example, or something similar) and exercise. Fad diets typically don’t work for long, and people burn out quickly on intense exercise programs. As any diet or fitness person will tell you, the best program is the one you can stick with.

I have lost about 30 lbs. since January by eating sensibly, keeping my daily calorie intake to between 1500 and 1800 a day, and getting between five and six hours a week of strenuous exercise. I go to aerobics classes, but that’s not something everyone enjoys - you might do better taking up bicycling or running, for instance. I’m planning to continue with that exercise regimen indefinitely, but I hope to be able to relax my vigilance on the diet side after I reach a healthy weight.

In the long run, there are really no shortcuts. It takes time to put on the extra weight, and it will take time to work it back off. The key is to focus on developing healthy habits, and once you do that, your body will slowly but surely get into shape. Good luck!

I forgot…

Realize that you will see a flattening curve in your charted weight loss. Five pounds a week might be doable when you begin but the closer you get to a proper weight for your body the slower the weight loss will progress.

This is all great advice thanks, im worrking on getting a better diet…it sort of varys from day to day…some days ill eat perfect portions of the right things, but if im out with the boys and we get something to eat at wendys etc…i usually go with the flow (sad i know).

As for exercise i usualy run/lift free weights for 30-45 mins while watching letterman at nite.

Sounds like you’re doing the right things. Effective weight loss is a lot slower than the ads on television, but the slower it comes off, the less likely you are to gain it back- at 5 pounds a week, you’ll gain it all back immediately.

1-2 pounds is what a reasonable diet will yield per week, and some weeks less than that. It takes a long time, but it sounds like you are doing the right things. And, hey, who cares if it takes a while? You’re planning on eating right and exercising for the rest of your life anyway.

Note that it’s going to depend greatly on your actual weight as well. I weight 8 stone 10 typically (122 lbm), and there’s no way I’m going to be safely able to lose 5 pounds a week from that starting point. A 20 stone person (280 lbm) might be able to do so.

Due to water retention and fluctuation, I can vary from 8 stone 8 to 9 stone 2 in a single week - a variance of as much as 8 pounds. So perhaps, starting at 9 and 2, it might be possible to quickly lose 10 pounds. Not that I’ll be doing that - I’m so thin now even my doctor is concerned.