Can I make a room so steamy/moist that electrical outlets become a hazard?

When I had my submersible well pump professionally replaced last year, I was amazed at how they did the wiring. The pump is a cylinder maybe 3" in diameter and 30" long, with a pipe fitting, a ring for mounting a rope, and an electrical cable consisting of three stranded conductors with separate insulation and a rubber jacket over the whole thing, like a typical power tool line cord.

They slid about 3" of heat shrink tubing over the wire, used crimped connectors to tie each conductor to one of the 3 wires in my dirty old Romex cable, moved the heat shrink over the connectors and heated it till it shrunk.

This connection is now under 140 feet of water and, I guess, is supposed to stay dry for 20 years.

I would have thought it was way harder to make the connection reliable.

When my cat had similar breathing problems, it turned out she was having an asthma attack (we didn’t previously know she was asthmatic) and needed a steroid (prednisone?, prednisolone?, something like that) to alleviate it. I’m sure your vet knows what’s going on certainly better than I do, but if your cat has trouble breathing (especially open-mouth breathing) for much longer get her a chest x-ray or something. Ignore me if she really has a lot of obvious snot and boogers dripping all over the place :slight_smile:

Yeah, don’t worry about electrical issues.

Worry about mold, mildew, and rotting out wallboard, insulation and studs.