Can I open up an american bank acount from Australia, to cash cheques?

Can I open up an american bank acount from australia, to cash cheques?

I don’t get it. You don’t have banks in AU?

You probably can via the Internet but the bank will have to mail you signature cards. They need an original signature on file.

When I went to Australia I opened a bank account, but I had to be there.

Tell you what…for a small fee, I will deposit your checks in ‘pay pal’ and you will the money the same day.

What say, mate?

NO way!! They might let you cash checks though. :slight_smile:

No you can’t AFAIK.

If you do find a way to do it, can you tell us how? I was looking into it with a friend but it seemed totally impossible without physically going to the US and opening the account. There are no bank fees for processing foreign cheques in NZ so I have an account in NZ where I send foreign cheques. But you need to physically go to NZ to open the account as well


I don’t know the answer to the question, but my advice would be to consult an Australian branch of a big U.S. bank. I have read that U.S. branches of Swiss banks will allow Americans to open what amounts to a (non-secret) Swiss bank account (in Swiss Francs), except that the deposits in these accounts never actually leave the U.S.

If you want an Australian account in U.S. dollars, see Citibank Australia, Banking. [Click on Foreign Currency Services]. This may not be what you have in mind. Australian banks may offer similar accounts.

If you can’t find the information on the web, just walk into a branch of an American bank in Australia and ask what services they offer along these lines.

It’s possible, but doubtful. When I worked in a branch I had a few international customers but they started in the US and then moved abroad, keeping their account open. The problem you will face is that a bank is going to be very wary of opening an account via mail for a person halfway around the globe, just so he can deposit and withdraw american dollars (I assume you want to do this to deposit checks drawn on US funds and avoid the exchange fees).

The best bets seem to be:

  1. the NZ based account Primaflora mentioned
  2. a US dollar account with an Aussie branch of an American financial institution, per bibliophage.
  3. A US based partner for your business.

Good luck!