can I play a NTSC region 0 DVD on my region 2 player

The technical info about the movie I wish to buy

NTSC, region 0

I though region 0 was suppose to go for all regions? why do they then add NTSC which is a region 1 product?

can i play this movie on my region 2 player?

e.g. Japan uses NTSC and is in region 2 anyway. They have to use some encoding and PAL/SECAM is hardly more universal.

I don’t think one can say for sure without knowing the model, but it seems likely. My player would play it.

Region encoding is completely different than NTSC/PAL/SECAM encoding. One is basically an easily-broken DRM scheme while the other is a fundamental way of how something’s been recorded. If the DVD author is in the US (or Japan) and doesn’t care about/want to pay for region encoding, it’ll be Region 0 and NTSC. If your region 2 player can handle NTSC video, then you shouldn’t have a problem.

As was already mentioned, the likely issue will be with PAL/NTSC. For what it’s worth, you may want to do some searching online, many dvd player brands and models have a secret list of steps and codes to follow that allow you to make the dvd player regionless (and thus, play discs from any region, assuming your dvd player and tv can display the appropriate NTSC or PAL signal). At any rate, good luck.