Can I put household bleach into any spray bottle?

I want to start using bleach to clean bathroom scuzz and to sanitize my water bottles at work. Can I take any empty (and thoroughly rinsed) spray bottle and dump bleach into straight from the bottle? Are there any long-term storage risks I should be concerned about? Will the bleach dissolve the plastic? Will the bleach leach chlorine into the office and kill us all? How often should I replace the spray bottle?

Chlorine bleach straight from the bottle is much too concentrated to use as is. Is is usually dilluted to one or two percent for sprayer use. If the sprayed diluted bleach solution has an irritating chlorine odor it is stronger than needed.

Spray bottles should be replaced in about a year or when they show signs of age, wear and tear.

Chlorine is used to disinfect municipal water supplies and maintain a very low residual by the time it reaches it point of use.

The green cleaner in me says try using a 50/50 mixture of water and white vinegar. If you stick with the bleach, label it extremely clearly and keep out of hands of children.