Can I really assemble products at home?

I saw an add in the newspaper and I was wondering if it was really possible to make $500 a week by assembling products at home. Has anyone every tried one of these? Did it work? If so, what was it like? If not, why didn’t it work?


This site, amongst others, will explain. Remember, you can’t get something for nothing.

I find it rather humourous that the “Brought to you by” ad on that page was for a “Make money at home from your computer!”. I guess they didn’t screen their advertisers very well.

You will be given impossible quality standards to meet and no way to chalenge them.

An example

You assemble dolls (head, arms, legs) and send it back.
YOu will most likely have to buy the pre assembled product
You assemble them
they tell you that the arms were not inserted correctly and they are not paying you.

Then you have a choice:
1 cut your losses and walk away
2 send in more money to get more dolls to not get paid for.
3 come running to Opal because they scammed you (again)