Can I recover from this hard drive?

I have a Maxtor 120G drive that was the main drive for my PC until a couple of weeks ago, when my son either bumped the PC or toggled the power. Whatever happened, the drive loaded down and blew the power supply. After replacing the supply, I tried powering up the computer and found that the drive would load down the new supply whenever it is connected.

On the main board for the hard drive, there is a small surface mount chip by the power connection that has blown. I assume that this is causing the direct short. I haven’t called a shop yet, but what are my chances of either finding a shop that can do data recovery off of this drive, or of my buying a used drive, swapping the boards and running the drive long enough to transfer my files to a good drive? I assume that the disks and or heads are compromised and won’t last much longer.

You might check the warranty on this drive – you may be able to get a replacement from Maxtor. Warranties used to be 3 years or so, but now many companies are cutting them to just 1 year on newer drives.

That won’t help you recover the data on this currently non-working drive, but might save you some in replacing it.

The used drive idea might work, if you can get exactly the same model. I’ve removed the circuit boards from hard drives before and it’s fairly easy, although I think you’ll need a Torx screwdriver.

If the data is important better move quickly as 120 gig drives are getting toward the lower end of those available at retail (assuming it’s even in the retail supply chain any more). You will potentially need exactly the same model # for the drive to be mated with the controller board correctly although a close size in the same family & series might work. Ebay is also worth a try.

Alternatively the chip that has blown is quite possibly a surface mount fuse not an IC, and could possibly be replaced by a knowledgeable AV fix it man.

Thanks all. I guess that I’d better check out ebay and the like. The drive contents aren’t really that valuable, but it contains my Outlook and personal files, along with a year’s worth of family pictures (and no, I didn’t back up most of it! :smack: )