Can I remove this .C00 file?

I’ve run WinDirStat on my laptop and found a few large folders and one or two large files.

One large file I came across was a .C00 file, last modified in January 2007.

Seems like a long enough time ago to remove it, but I thought I’d double check first. It’s not likely to be a file that Windows needs desperately is it? I thought it was perhaps part of an old shareware download or the like.

Could you provide the full directory path and filename?

I don’t know specifically what this file is, but don’t go deleting files just because of the “last modified” date. Lots of files required by the system, and by various applications, are never modified after installation, but if you delete them your computer will stop working.

awldune, I found it in C:\Myworks, I’m not sure what programme its associated with.

FBG, I was tempted to go straight ahead and get rid of it on a space saving exercise, but then I thought it might just be something Windows would demand at some inopportune moment.

It could be a Ventura print file. Is Ventura still around?

If in doubt, don’t delete it. If it’s small, just get used to it. If it’s big, rename it (to see what happens) or store it somewhere where it can be recovered.

I’ve never heard of that programme till I googled the file extension, I’ve renamed the file and popped it into my D: drive to see what happens.

It could also be a WinAce compressed archive, which may be more or less likely than a Ventura file. Do you recall running either of these? Or any Corel software?

I checked Corel’s wiki page and couldn’t see any software I remembered installing or installing and then uninstalling, not even Paint Shop Pro.