Can I save a whole university webmail account in one step?

A university I used to attend has finally figured out I graduated some time ago and they say they will be erasing my old webmail account. Now I don’t use the account anymore, but I have several thousand messages on there I wouldn’t mind hanging on to.

Ideally, I would like to save the whole shootin match to my hard disk, but I would settle for forwarding everything to my personal gmail account.

Can either of these options be done easily, or am I doomed to block out a weekend to forward each message one by one? If it helps, I think the platform has something to do with Sun Microsystems, as their copyright is on the log in page.

I’m pretty bad at this kind of thing; I thank anyone who can help me out.

Buf, depends…

How do you acess the account? Can you use any program that handles POP3 or does it have to be a specific program?

The only way I have ever done it is by logging on through the school’s webpage. How might I find out if I can use another program?

Call the university IT department to ask if you can access the account through a POP mail program, if you can save the messages prior to them being erased, or if you can continue to maintain that or another account as an alumnus. Or, if you like, call the alumni department. They’re going to be hitting you up for contributions to the alma mater, so perhaps they’ll be motivated to assist you.

Can you link to the webmail site? But make sure you leave out your login info (especially if it gets embedded in the address)!

Dunno if that’ll tell us anything useful, but it might be worth a try…

Have you asked them whether they are willing to provide an archive of your emails? It’s not an unreasonable request and I’m sure you wouldn’t be the first.