can I spy on another computer user in my home network?

Legal disclaimer: the user is a minor, and is my dependent at that.

We have two computers on a wireless home network - can I use “mine” to spy on/intercept outgoing e-mails and IM conversations on “theirs”? How?

Do you want to spy in real time or do you want logs to browse later?

For the former, you’ll want something like VNC; for the latter you’ll want some sort of proxy server software.

Real-time would be fine.

There’s a program called Hidden Camera. Here’s the description:

You can download it from here:

My partner and i have UltraVNC on our home computers. We use it for transferring files from one to another, but it should also allow you to view your kids’ computer/s in real time.

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I assume you are well within your legal right to do this, but you should also consider alternative methods of handling a potential problem before you resort to spying on your kid. If he or she finds out that you’ve betrayed their trust, you should be prepared to handle the damage to the relationship that will inevitably come thereafter.

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I am not a lawyer, but now that I think of it, the legality of spying your kid is iffy. Your employee can do that on you, but it has to be clearly stated in the company’s security/accepted practice policy. I don’t know if this could apply in parent/kid relations.

I am not a lawyer, nor am I a parent but spying on a minor child’s computer activity is no different than reading his/her diary.
Most parents that “spy” on their children, do so out of concern for the safety of the child. I am going to venture to guess that the Op feels that his/her child could be checking out questionable websites already or my fall prey to an internet predator.
Freejockey, depending on hour savy your child is and has not thought of deleting it, you can check the Temporay Internet Files folder for sites visited.

Googling “email parental controls” finds about 162,000 pages. I haven’t actually perused the sites themselves.

I agree. I disapprove of both, under ordinary circumstances.

An understandable motive. The point of my post was to point out that the OP should consider all possible alternatives that do not involve violating the child’s trust.

Bear also in mind that the minor is probably not a minor any more, and the OP has been banned sometime in the past nine years.