Can I stream from an iPhone to an iPad?

I have a very long flight coming up and would like to load up on things to watch. I’d prefer to watch on my iPad but it doesn’t have much storage space available. My iPhone has plenty available. Is there anyway to play a video on my phone and watch it on my iPad? Both have AirPlay and the latest iOS.

Thanks for any tips.

Not that I’m aware of. Your best bet is probably to just back up your ipad to a computer, delete everything off it so you can fill it up with movies etc then restore the backup when you arrive.

Yeah, you can’t really do that with stock iOS 9. There might be a jailbreak app available that can do it, so if you’re comfortable with jailbreaking all your devices…

Something else to try in addition to deleting stuff you don’t need is to re-encode your videos. Using an app like Handbrake, you can whittle down a two hour multi-gigabyte video into just a few hundred megabytes with (for the most part) very little loss in picture quality. Certainly good enough to get you through a flight, anyway. So if it’s a ten hour flight, five two hour movies at say 500 megabytes per, is only going to take up 2.5 gigabytes of space on the iPad.

I did this. With a 16G iPad, there still isn’t much room available. I decided to carry on my laptop as well. It’s small and converts into a tablet, just not as good a one as an iPad.

You may be able to do this with Plex, but the configuration would be a bit cumbersome.

You must have huge movie files. The average film is about 1 GB as 720p, so you should be able to fit 10 movies on there, which is more than enough for a single flight.

I have 3 movies but one of them is “The Wolf of Wall Street” which is 3 hours. I meant to get it in SD but it might be HD. I have 2.5G left. Sometimes I think it takes an iPad a while to properly update how much room is available. I also had to leave a few work apps on it since my work supplied it to me.