Can I tap a sprinkler line for a furnace humidifier?

The basement of the apartment building has several lines off the main water line that each run to a sprinkler head for a fire-supression system. I want to run a line from the basement up through the floor to our apartment on the first floor so that I can attach a humidifier to the forced air heating system we have. The closest pipe to our apartment is one that dead ends in a sprinkler head. Since these humidiers only use a bit of water anyway, is there a safety problem with my hooking up to that line? Would I be compromising, in any way, the integrity of the sprinkler system by doing that?

Depending on the type of system it may make a huge mess and or set off alarms any time water is pulled through the system. There may not even be water in the line.

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That would be a colossally bad idea.

Some fire sprinkler systems are “dry pipe” meaning there’s no water in the pipe, so you might as well have tried to get water out of a floor joist.

Aside from that, tampering with sprinkler lines in an apartment building is almost certainly illegal. As a final discouragement, the water in sprinkler pipes is not exactly fresh - the sediment and pipe scale that builds up over the years is no problem for sprinklers, but it’ll clog your humidifier.

Do you have any way to tap into bathroom/kitchen water lines? If so, it is easy to run a line to your humidifier.

Nope, that’s the problem, and the copper lines downstairs are quite far from where we need them. That’s why I was toying with the idea of tapping a line that’s closer. But all the furnace humidifiers that I see use a tap into a copper line, anyway, and given the configuration of our apartment and the heating system, I’m thinking I’m going to just have to continue with the room humidifiers - a serious pain in the ass. Thanks, dopers.

One should never compromise an emergency/security system, be it out of alleged “convenience” or otherwise. That would include fire sprinklers, emergency lighting, alarm systems, etc.