Can I update the built-in POIs on my Nuvi?

I have a garmin nuvi 250w GPS unit. The POI database, while robust, is a little out of date.

The costco near my house, been there for 6+ years, is not in the DB (though others are).

The grocery store (Busch’s) near my house, same story. It finds newer ones, farther away, but not the one by my house.

I have found several instances of this recently, and was hoping there is a way to get an updated POI for the unit. I don’t want to load a bunch of custom POIs unless I really have to, I figure it will probably just slow the thing down. (Though if there is a good source for custom POIs that’s not too targeted – like All National Parks – then maybe I could be convinced).

Anyone know if Garmin offers updated POIS? Mine has the latest software and maps via the webupdater.

I was going to tell you to buy the update until I read your last line. I don’ t know the answer to your question but I am on my third Garmin unit and have found their customer service to be very responsive. I would go to their web site and look up the phone number or email address and get in touch.