can i use dog shit as fertiliser?

i’ve been collecting dog shit for the past month to use on my vegetable garden, until a friend told me dog shit is bad and is not good fertiliser. is this true? if so why, when horse shit works so well?

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As I understand it, there are two things at work here. One is that uncomposted manure (of any sort) isn’t good. You should let it become compost first.

The second thing is the handling of it. The worms and the like that dogs carry can live on in their droppings. Presumably the heat of the composting would kill them, but if it’s not completely broken down, there can still be eggs, etc there. You don’t want that on your hands, and you don’t want it clinging to your vegetables.

What I don’t understand is why no one worries about this with cow manure or horse manure, as you noted. You can put manure right on your soil, though they recommend you not plant for a few months. And heck, they even sell treated human waste for fertilizer, so I am not sure why dog doo-doo is still such a no-no. I find this advice conflicting. Hopefully another Doper will clear this up. (ooh, on preview, now I can’t wait to see astro’s link!!)

Knowing all this, I still sometimes throw our dog droppings into our composter. For one thing, I don’t have a vegetable garden so it doesn’t go on edibles. Second of all, I am desperate for the nitrogen because I tend to have sawdust and lots of other brown dead stuff in my compost, and it won’t break down without some fresh stuff.

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Well, horses (and cows) are herbivores, dogs are carnivores. With herbivores, there’s a lot of semi-digested plant matter in the manure. Doggy-doo isn’t going to have that.

You’re going to have a hard time spreading the puppy poop evenly. Given this and the lack of plant matter, the fertilizing effects may be too concentrated and burn your plants instead of making them grow better.

Also, IIRC, carnivore excrement is higher in nasty buggies than herbivore excrement.

If you’re going to do this, you should probably compost the crap.

I believe I read somewhere (no cite, sorry) that herbivore manure is always better than carnivore manure for fertilizer. Exactly why this is, I don’t remember.

Many composting articles I have read say don’t put meat or meat by-products in compost. Dogs eat meat, horses and cattle don’t. The average homemade compost pile doesn’t get hot enough to kill all the bad things. I have a fairly largish compost pile, 5’x5’x4’ and even after 4-5 years I still get weeds and stray plants growing in finished compost. The pile isn’t getting hot enough to kill the weed seeds. Of course I don’t turn it often enough either, it is a big chore.

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So tell, me more about your compost pile… 5’ x 5’ ? Oooh la la

Earlier this year it was decided by my neighbors that since I had a chipper/shredder and a smallish compost pile already started, my back yard would be ** Lawn and Garden trash central **. I ground, chipped, shredded, and watered every load of junk that ended in the yard. The pile was tamed by using pallets and concrete block walls. After turning, adding more water, and waiting I was rewarded with rich, dark, good smelling ** COMPOST **. Rough estimate about six cubic yards.
Any one jealous yet? As per the OP. no dog or cat waste was used. Bunny rabbit litter and aged horse manure was used.

I love to make compost. It is easy.

This is what some folks do with their doggydoo

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I think pooch poop is too hot. Thats why it makes stains on your lawn.

My neighbor used human shit for years. He bought it dry in a big bag & his lawn & veg’s were terrific. I think its called Milorganite or something.

Milorganite is made from human excrement and is a byproduct of sewage treatment, but it has been processed very carefully so as to get the right chemical balance and to ensure its safety. From what I read, it’s mostly used on turf. From what I’ve been told, the water treatment centres on the Island of Montreal (my town) use a similar method to treat their waste, but I have not been able to find out what they do with the fertilizer they produce. You can read more about Milorgate here:

Handy, you said his vegetables were terrific. Did you know this from experience? Did you eat vegetables grown from HUMAN SHIT???