Can I Wear 2 Niccotine Patches?

In August, I tried quitting via the Commit Niccotine lozenges. Each lozenge is 4 mg, and it advises not to use more than 10 per day. Of course, that equals 40 mg daily.

I never stopped using the 4 mg lozenges (which was obviously wrong, but each time I tried dropping down to the 2 mg I would feel jittery and ultimately used double the amount), and then, about a month ago, I slipped up and started smoking again. I don’t really want to get back into the habit of smoking: it’s unhealthy and–more importantly to me–smelly, unattractive, and a pain in the ass.

Last week I bought niccotine patches, hoping that it would make quitting easier than the lozenges because there’d be no oral fixation involved. Unfortunately, the patches start out at 21 mg; or about half of what I would be taking by using the lozenges. There’s a noticeable difference, too, when wearing the patch: I still crave a cigarette or a lozenge or something more than what I’m getting.

So, as the title suggests, can I wear 2 niccotine patches to restart my quitting? Is 42 mg of niccotine enough to give me a stroke or anything?