Can keyword *and* user name searches be done?

With the search engine, you can search for a keyword, or by a user name, but I haven’t been able to get anything trying to search for a keyword by a poster. Can it be done?

I just cannot keep up with the name changes.

It’s never worked for me either, but many have told me it worked for them. I thought it was because my combinations really don’t yield any results.

Works for me.
Search for Earl Snake-Hips Tucker (no keyword).
Search for Earl Snake-Hips Tucker (keyword “keyword”).

It doesn’t search for posts where a specific person used a keyword. What it does is looks for a thread where that person posted, and where that keyword was used, but not necessarily in that post.

So, for instance, if you search for username “Biggirl” and keyword “keyword”, this thread will come up, even though Biggirl didn’t use the word “keyword” in her post.

You sure Chronos?
This is a search for Biggirl (keyword “combinations”).
This is for Biggirl ( keyword “keyword”).
And this for Biggirl (no keyword).

I had this ready to post and then tried to find a word that appeared in Biggirl’s post and someone else’s, saw that "name " fit the bill, tried it and got nothing. Hmmm. No other words are common, but I tried some more in Biggirl’s post,
Biggirl (keyword “changes”) gets nothing.
Biggirl (keyword “results”) does find the thread, but “results” isn’t highlighted.
Biggirl (keyword “thought”) works like it should.

Remember that some words are on the “too common to search index” list. Searching for them will not yield results, because the are omitted before searching.

And for the record, no, I’m not sure. Once upon a time, the search engine behaved in the way I described, but that was several versions ago.