Can laundry detergent make dioxins water soluble

Apparently dioxins are hydrophobic, but can laundry detergent make it water soluble?

Is there any hydrophobic substance that detergent cannot make water-dissolvable?

Yes. It’s a common method of contaminated soil treatment, though not very effective due to other reasons.

Yes Silicones and fluorocarbons. Teflon for example.

Oh ok. Too expensive?

I have clothing that’s been “fumed” by smoke/vapors from a plastic fire. Was wondering if washing it with detergent would help or if it’s hopeless.

No not expensive but the dioxin binds to clay among other things. You get 70-95% of the dioxin out of soil after 3 washes or so.

Washing with detergents will certainly help your clothes. A few washes and it should be all gone.