Can most Digital Camcorders be plugged overseas(different currents)?

Pretty straightforward. I’m planning on buying this camcorder.

I live in China but am buying it here in America. I will live in America one day, but would like if it can plug in the wall in China without a transformer.

Is international voltage handling common with camcorders like it is with laptop computers?


These days, this seems to be largely the case. Switching power supplies are now commonly used for laptops, PDAs, digital cameras and video cameras, among other things. Look in the bottom of the power supply adaptor. If it says something like “100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz”, you’re good. You may, however, need a plug adaptor so that the US standard plug fits the Chinese electrical outlet.

Is it compatible with Chinese televisions for playback?

Probably not. According to this chart, China uses the PAL system.

A lot of PAL-using places have TVs that can display both PAL and NTSC, as well as DVD players and VCRs that can handle it. I wasn’t sure whether Mahaloth was concerned about using the camcorder in China before translocating to the States.

It will work with my television. China uses both PAL and NTSC since they bootleg a lot of NTSC DVD’s. My VCR and tapes have worked there.