Can my employeer ask for my Auto Insurence?

Basically i am a student assistant, through Sacramento State University, I am employed by them but am working for the Department Of General Services for the State Of California. My manager asked me for my Drivers license and insurance information. I was not comfortable with this so i called Human Resources at Sac State asking about this and they told me it is not something that should be asked for. The State is self insured and my insurance would not cover a state vehicle anyways. I was told it was illegal for her to ask me this. Is it?

It may be a requirement for some government jobs–they often have to document their employees more rigorously. I was a government contractor for a while and had to provide license, proof of insurance, and current registration documentation to get a parking sticker.

I’m sure it is required if you will ever need to run a work errand in your personal vehicle.

But it would only be under our state owned vehicles, we cant use our own, only State Cards

Surely they still need to know that you are licensed to drive? Or that you haven’t been banned. They may also be thinking of asking you to do something on your way in to work or on your way home.

Is driving part of your job?

Here’s a more complete response -

Unless there is something California-specific that would make this illegal, it is not illegal under the federal anti-discrimination laws. If it were not a requirement of the job, and you were asked for this before being hired for the job, it would be a legally risky practice, but not strictly speaking illegal. The legal risk in asking for driver’s license before hire if it is not a job requirement is that some groups (minorities, maybe women, people born outside the US) may be less likely to have a driver’s license. So if they asked for this information from all job applicants before hire, even those who will just work in the office, they may be running some legal risk of being sued for discrimination.
Have you already been hired for this job? And does it require driving as part of the job description? If so, I can see no reason not to provide the license information. You will probably need to provide the insurance information, too. But you may want to ask questions as to why your insurance is relevant, just to make sure you fully understand how insurance will work in case of any accidents while driving for work.

I have worked for this job for about a year. No driving is not required but you may need to do it from time to time. We take in class drivers training as well. My insurence would not cover an accidnet on a compnay car anyway. Do not know why they would need it

Do you drive and/or park on company property? Perhaps they’ve had issues w/ uninsured employees having accidents on their property.

Your last post makes no sense. Are you occasionally required to drive to do your job, or not? If so, I can’t see any rational arguement against proving you are a licensed driver.

Your insurance is another matter. Have you asked your manager why she wants it? What did you and she say when you declined to provide it when she first asked?

Ok, I am not “required” to drive. But its an option. I asked her why she needed it if the State was self insured and my insurance would not cover a state vehile anyways regardless if i was driving. She told me that it is not my job to question and i have 2 hours to get it to her or i can look for another job.

So presumably you’ve already been fired?

No, i gave in and gave it to her. She will be gone for a month on Vacation and i will cool down enough be then. Everyone told me to go to her boss and talk about it but I wanted to know her rights before i went and looked like a jackass

If you want to make a big deal of it, call back the HR dept that you mentioned in your first post and tell them that you where told if you didn’t show it you would have lost your job. I would let her boss know as well.

You would not look like a jackass by asking why your supervisor demands personal information from you, without explanation, under the threat of immediate termination. If this threat was made during the first conversation, I hope you mentioned it to the HR department when you called.

I’m not sure what the relationship is between you, your office and the college. Is this a work-study job? I sould suggest giving that HR department a call on Monday and asking for another assignment.

I would imagine you are required to be licensed and covered under your own insurance while you are driving your private vehicle through the campus in your way to and from the office, like students, faculty, etc.

They probably asked for proof to show they aren’t employing anyone without insurance, suspended license, and so forth.

eta: The state obviously doesn’t want state employees violating state laws.

IMO you’re kind of obliged to make a big deal of this. Your supervisor’s actions are unacceptable. What’s the next thing she’ll demand you do, or clear out your desk on the spot? You deserve an explanation of why that data was needed, at minimum. Seriously, start making plans to get out of there.


I wish you could stab people in the eye for saying things like that and not go to jail.

Unless he works at the DMV, his supervisor has absolutely no business enforcing state traffic laws. What if he walks to work or takes a bus? It would be a stretch, but I could imagine requiring proof of insurance to get an assigned campus parking space, but I doubt that too.

Yes I probably will bring this up on monday. We sometimes drive a state vehicle which i assume is why she asked but The reason why i asked is because i did not want her or anyone else to think my insurance would cover an accident i have in a state vehicle because it wont. And yes i wish i could stab people in the eyes. She abuses power all the time.