Can my monitor be saved?

Last week, my computer display stated fading to black while I was using it. I adjusted the gamma and applied the new settings, and it was ok for a bit, and then started fading to black again. I reinstalled the display adapter, checked all the cords, and reset the monitor, but still fading. I did a monitor check ( I unplugged it from the tower and turned it on.) , the colors on the unplugged monitor faded to black as well. Is this a simple fix or do I need to get a new monitor? This one came with the system and it’s only a year and a half old- darn it! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If it was still fading when it was disconnected from the PC, it sounds like it’s fucked.


Just a little perspective…

About 3 and a half years ago a bought a brand new 19" Sony Trinitron flat screen CRT. I paid $500 (w/o s&h).

That same one today costs $89. :mad: