Can my phone charging system be changed?

My old charger was broken and didn’t work most of the time, so I had to nudge it here and there to get the phone (Galaxy S4) to actually register it and start charging, by doing that I apparently damaged the phone itself and I tried several different chargers and the best I’ve gotten is a 1% charge after half an hour with a new charger that works completely great on another Galaxy phone.

So the problem is obviously in the connector part of the phone, is that something that can be changed or am I screwed?

*I live in Eastern Europe and I fix my equipment in local shops, American company chains don’t exist here in case someone wanted to recommend them.

A phone repair shop should be able to replace the connector (assuming that’s what is actually broken) - they have to open and partially disassemble the phone to do so, but it’s certainly possible (easier with your phone in some ways as it’s not glued together like newer phones are).

The charging port is on a daughterboard that looks pretty replaceable to me - here’s a teardown:

Looks like a fairly easy repair, as cell phone repairs go (no ungluing or soldering necessary.) I notice something at the bottom of this guide, though–the last step is:

[li]Start your Samsung Galaxy S4 and enter the following key combination:[/li]#0#
[li]Then press the call button.[/li][li]Now you can check all the functions.[/li][/ol]
That looks to be some sort of system diagnostics screen. You might could do that now to get useful information.

Before you do anything, I’d suggest trying at least one other usb cord and/or charger. Also, make sure the connection from the USB port to the actual charger (the part you plug in) is good and if you’re using any kind of extension USB cord, remove that for testing. You don’t want to replace the charging port to find out it was just a bad cord.

FWIW, I’ve also had lint get into the charging port and find out because it won’t charge. If you haven’t already looked in the charging port, make sure there’s nothing stuck up in there.

If you happen to have an actual Android cord use try that as well.

As **Joey P ** suggested, before you replace the charging port; you should probably make sure there isn’t lint or dirt built up in the port. You may want to try carefully poking around in the port with a wooden toothpick to pull out any debris. I have to clean out the port on my phone about once a year because lint prevents the cord from making good contact with the port.

On my S4 I once had to straighten out the metal flap in the charging port. Picture: